Running selenium-hub inside Tomcat

The usual process of starting selenium-hub seems to be an ant goal that does run an integrated jetty server. While this is easy to run it is not so easy to run in a server enviromnent. Also, as i have an existing tomcat already running and the hub does not do that much i was wondering if i can run the server inside tomcat.

The first look was dissapointing, everything is bundeled in jar files, no war file in sight. Fortunately selenium-hub is just a bunch of servlets with some logic behind, so it should be easy to add some maven scripts to create a war file.

Selenium-hub also depends on selenium-core, which is also included in the selenium-hub distribution. So i created a fork of selenium-grid on github and add some maven scripts. You can see the results here: . Right now only the core and the hub part are mavenized.

A complete war-file can be found here: selenium-core-hub-1.0.8-SNAPSHOT

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