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Persisting Joda-Time Fields with openjpa

Lately i became curious about how to store joda-time objects into a database with openjpa. Well, its supprisingly easy if you only want to store/retrieve the objects: import javax.persistence.Column; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.Id; import org.apache.openjpa.persistence.Persistent; import org.joda.time.DateTime; @Entity public class … Continue reading

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Reducing Raspberri PI’s memory usage

I just got my Raspberry pi recently and found this really usefull link for tuning Raspbian to use less memory :

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Git with Jenkins

Recently I did try to use jenkins together with git on windows. During configuration i stumbled along some blogpost that advised to use git.cmd instead of git.exe (which does set some more enviromnent variables, for example %HOME% to use _nettrc … Continue reading

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